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AUDRIA works as part of your company and is at your side in all your decissions

What is Service for us?

For us, the concept of service means solving problems, detecting opportunities and transforming advice into action. Our mission is to support and contribute value to the companies and institutions that choose to work with us. We achieve this thanks to the trust placed in us by our clients, by personalizing our services to individual clients’ needs, and through our team’s proximity, talent and professional competence.

What does AUDRIA offer?

AUDRIA and the entire NEXIA network, offers its clients a one-shop advisory service that allows them to focus on growing their business, with the peace of mind given by working with a team that is much more than an external services provider. AUDRIA works as an extension of your company, helping you make decisions, accompanying you in internationalization processes, implementing new work or production methods, integrating mergers, launching new products, bringing in new leadership, etc.

Our services

Auditing Services

AUDRIA’s auditing services are built on quality, independence, integrity and proximity, and adapted to each client’s needs.

Due diligence and company valuations

AUDRIA goes beyond the traditional review and financial analysis to identify the transaction’s key aspects.

Viability, business plan and restructuring

We help you draft strategic plans that will guarantee your company’s viability in the medium and long term.

One-shop services for SMEs

Beyond providing support in accounting or tax matters, our work is grounded on an accurate diagnosis of the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises.


With the audit or financial advice as the starting point, this includes all the services which are or may be derived from litigation.

Verification of statements of non-financial information

Information on environmental and social issues, personnel, respect for human rights and measures to combat corruption and bribery.

Public sector

We cooperate with public entities’ internal and external control bodies, advising those bodies whose activity is related to regulatory compliance.