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Forensic Services that may arise from litigation



In recent years, and to an increasing extent, companies are facing confrontational situations due to a number of factors, for example: the increase in litigation, ever greater regulatory pressure, increased activity by regulators, arbitration and the new conflict resolution methods, the increase in fraud together with their increased financial cost and complexity, and also a considerable increase in the liabilities attributed to company administrators in these situations.

In response to this new business reality, auditing professionals have developed a range of different services that are encompassed under the common denominator of Forensic. This division groups all the services that, with the audit or financial advice as the starting point, are or may be derived from litigation.

The most significant feature of this professional exercise is that it qualifies for use in the various courts of law. This type of activity is undertaken by professionals from different disciplines, such as: accounts auditors, economists, lawyers, experts in information systems, and other disciplines as required, who must coordinate their work with each other.

Practices included in the Forensic area

Specialist reports drafted by independent experts

Fraud prevention, detection and investigation

Support in headcount reduction procedures

Implementation of analytical accounting

Money laundering


A good defence starts with good prevention