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Non-profit organizations

Non-profit organizations play an increasingly important role in today’s society. This type of organization is becoming increasingly involved in broader spheres of the economy, cooperating and/or competing with both public and private sector organizations.

AUDRIA has a team of professionals with extensive experience in this sector. We have many clients in this sector who have grown with us, performing their work through foundations, associations, development NGOs, federations or confederations.

In a context in which these organizations devote all their effort to contributing a social benefit to society through performance of their purpose, financial management and compliance with tax and accounting obligations often become an Achilles Heel for them.

AUDRIA helps improve these organizations’ processes and functioning with any of our services, such as auditing the financial statements, reviewing the supporting documents for subsidies, providing tax advice or undertaking consultancy assignments.

We are aware that these organizations have certain specific features that need to be considered, and that in order to help them improve and mitigate the possible risks that may arise from their activity, it is necessary to understand their environment, their objectives and their purpose.