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Public Sector

Since its formation, AUDRIA as sought to offer its services to the public sector, accumulating a wealth of experience in this sector as a provider of auditing and external consulting services as a result of its experience and high level of expertise.
In the specific area of public auditing, our mission is to assist the Public Entities’ external and internal control bodies in those aspects where legislation provides for the involvement of outside professionals in the performance of inspection and financial control functions. We also offer advice and assistance to those bodies whose activity is related to the regulatory environment applicable to the public sector.

Given the specific idiosyncrasy of the applicable regulations and the public sector’s needs, the professionals who render services in this field must have specific knowledge of the sector and the people who work in it..

The goals pursued by public sector organizations, the origin of the resources they use, the specific regulations that are applicable, and the background of the people who manage them are also factors that we take into account when rendering services to the Public Administration.

The political environment that sometimes pervades the assignments received and its relation to the purely technical and professional work require a particular sensitivity in approaching and performing the assignments.

This requires a high degree of specialization by the professionals involved, so that their training and experience, both in the regulatory field and in their professional skills, are aligned with the specific needs of the sector and its environment.

The actions that we can perform in the public sector as independent experts consist of the following:

Las actuaciones que, como expertos independientes, podemos llevar a cabo en el sector público se concretan en:

  • Audits of financial statements (business organizations that operate in the public sector).
  • Agreed financial reporting procedures.
  • Review reports of accounts in support of subsidies and grants.
  • Joint assignments with external and internal control bodies.
  • Consulting, counselling, service outsourcing, cost studies, economic-financial feasibility studies, job evaluation studies, asset inventories, budget projection studies, and verification of regulatory compliance. These actions should be understood as instruments to assist the Public Entity in its activities.