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Auditing Service Our foundations are built on quality, independence, integrity and proximity

Audria, calidadindependencia e integridad

Auditing Services

AUDRIA’s auditing services are built on quality, independence, integrity, and proximity . We have developed a methodology and procedure based on international parameters that can be adjusted to each client’s needs, avoiding preconceived processes, adapting to the client’s schedules and deadlines, and taking into account the specific features of each company, its organization, industry and business. In addition to complying with legal requirements, AUDRIA’s work will enable clients to receive a series of recommendations with each audit that will allow them to improve their level of efficiency.

Some of the auditing services we offer are:

  • Auditing individual and consolidated financial statements.

  • Auditing financial statements of regulated entities.

  • Auditing public sector companies.

  • Auditing financial statements in accordance with IFRS, US GAAP, UK GAAP, and German HGB principles.

  • Converting financial statements into IFRS, US GAAP, UK GAAP, or German HGB.

  • Limited reviews.

  • Standardized special reports.

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