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Corporate Social Responsibility A CSR policy reaffirms AUDRIA's commitment to sustainability


AUDRIA AUDITORÍA Y CONSULTORÍA, S.L.P., conceives Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, as the ability to create social, employee and environmental wellbeing within the community, generate sustained economic value over time and consolidate its position as a leading national auditing firm.

Through its Corporate Social Responsibility policy, AUDRIA reaffirms its commitment to conducting its business in a sustainable manner, supporting the company’s continuous improvement in its path toward this objective, and rendering services that generate added value for its clients.

We work hand in hand with our key stakeholders to ensure mutual satisfaction of expectations

CSR action plan

Integration of CSR in the organization’s governing body, in defining the strategy, in the management process itself, and in stakeholder relations and communications, conveying relevant and truthful information about AUDRIA’s activities and results and complying with the existing legal requirements for public information.


  • Transparency
  • Transversality
  • Proximity
  • Accountability
  • Participation
  • Ethical conduct
  • Responsible management
Corporate Social Responsibility

Employee relations

Improve employee relations from the social responsibility viewpoint: non-discrimination, health and safety, integration, balancing work and family life, good work atmosphere, training and personal development..

AUDRIA is committed to fostering people’s professional development, taking into account the possible balance between the company’s objectives and its employees’ needs and expectations.

AUDRIA has put in place a training plan that guarantees employees’ ongoing skill acquisition throughout their professional life by means of continuous training and the definition of individual development and career management plans.

AUDRIA is committed to respecting diversity, the right to equal treatment and opportunities between women and men and will actively promote the absence of any direct or indirect gender-based discrimination. It also effectively advocates and applies the principle of equality between men and women in the workplace, fostering the implementation of measures that help ensure a balance between work and family life. The principle of equal treatment and opportunities between women and men will be guaranteed in access to employment, training, job promotion, working conditions and remuneration.

Promoting equal opportunities and people’s well-being, through culture, sport, health and education, with the aim of improving social cohesion.


AUDRIA accepts the goal of actively engaging with the different communities with which it interacts through development cooperation and support for different organizations and foundations, and it is committed to fostering among its professionals a proactive, participative approach to action in line with its undertaking to society.

AUDRIA is committed to creating development opportunities for young professionals by establishing cooperation agreements with public or private universities. In this respect, we support student and graduate internships in our organization to work on projects and undertake learning activities.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility


Environmental protection and pollution prevention for sustainable development.

A fundamental aspect of Corporate Social Responsibility is respect for the environment. Any activity has a greater or lesser impact on the environment. In order to minimise this impact, the first step is to identify and evaluate it so that the necessary improvements can be put in place.

In this respect, AUDRIA proposes concrete actions to improve its environmental management:

  • Identify and assess our business’s main environmental impacts.
  • Set improvement targets to reduce our business’s environmental impacts.
  • Keep a record of our energy consumption and waste production.
  • Handle our waste properly.
  • Optimize energy consumption.
  • Prevent waste generation.


Companies have the obligation to mitigate their businesses’ negative impacts with the aim of contributing to everyone’s well-being, revitalizing local and regional economies through development measures that include non-economic criteria such as sustainability or innovation.

In the current context of change and fierce global competition, we believe that responsible management is essential for the efficient, sustainable performance of business activities. Accordingly, each and every one of our activities and processes are carried out taking into account our sustainable development model, which seeks to find a balance that maximises earnings for the company and its stakeholders while upholding the highest standards of integrity and transparency.

Corporate Social Responsibility