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Internationalization as a member of Nexia Nexia, a leading network of independent global auditing and consulting firms

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AUDRIA and NEXIA International operate in more than 120 countries on all 5 continents. This makes us your best support team for undertaking internationalization processes and attracting international partners. In expansion processes or during downturns in the domestic market, it becomes almost an obligation to look to foreign markets. But doing it well, choosing the right markets to enter, having the right legal, financial and tax support, selecting the most compatible and reputable partners is not easy. AUDRIA will walk this path with its clients and will be at their side wherever in the world the company decides to open a market, because it combines the capacity of large global professional service providers with the proximity of a local firm.

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”After assessing which countries we were going to operate in, AUDRIA, through NEXIA’s local partners, provided us with all the information and requirements to operate in their countries, as well as the strategic contacts we needed to grow our business. Today, looking back on what has been achieved, the fact is that we have surpassed our initial goals, and as always, we continue working with AUDRIA’s professionals.”