AUDRIA works towards the competitiveness of the companies, so they can face the future and be able to distinguish what is urgent from what is important on an everyday basis

AUDRIA is a firm of auditors and business advisors with over 25 years of experience. From our point of view, offering professional services means solving problems, identifying opportunities and turning advices into action. We are known for the adapted attention to the needs of each and every client which we bring value through our knowledge and experience.

A team that is close,committed and experienced

All projects led by the firm are led by committed, experienced, ethical and knowledgeable professionals in first person from the business world and its legal, financial and economic environment.

We are part of your company, not external advisors

The size of the firm and the intensive use of new technologies help us get closer to our customers and have updated information at all times. Each sector and each company has a way of working and different needs, which is why in AUDRIA we adapt to the work culture of each company advising openly and transparently, without rigidity.

AUDRIA will be present wherever our clients go

AUDRIA has a group of professionals working all around the country but with a global vision and implementation. They accompany our clients in the internationalization of their business and the creation of new markets; also we provide help to foreign companies that come to our land. Being a part of the NEXIA International network, one of the ten largest networks of professional firms in the world,allows us to ensure that our customers from whichever continent will always have someone by their side.

The Team

AUDRIA has a multidisciplinary team, combining training, professional experience, adaptability, response towards unforeseen challenges, skills and involvement in the social and economic environment.

AUDRIA has an internal training program and incorporates the best professionals to provide the service at all times that the market demands and the legislation, ever-changing, forces. Joining NEXIA and the programs of homogenization of services and research of high quality standards of all firms that we are part of allows us to ensure the highest quality of care overall.