AUDRIA and NEXIA are present in more than 100 countries throughout the 5 continents and therefore are the best support team to address processes of internationalization and to attract international partnerships.

In a time when the interior market keeps a lower profile, expanding to the outside is almost an obligation to do it correctly, choosing well what markets to enter, having an appropriate legal, financial and tax support, selecting contracts with larger and most prestigious accounting is not easy.

AUDRIA will take this path with its customers and will support them anywhere in the world where the company decides to open a market because we have the ability of large companies providing professional services but the closeness of a company that is down to earth.

"After evaluating which countries we wanted to operate in, AUDRIA, through local NEXIA partners, provided us all the information and requirements to operate in their countries, as well as the strategic contacts to develop our business. Today, after some time, we have fully covered our objectives, and as always we continue with the AUDRIA professionals."