Due Diligence

In the current situation of the business world, it is very common for  organizations to seek for alliances and agreements. A successful  transaction requires the support of experienced professionals and  knowledge of these processes that contain legal, tax, opportunity  and even personal nature issues. The creation of true value in a  transaction depends largely on severity and quality of the due  diligence and business valuation applied. AUDRIA goes further than  only reviewing traditional financial analysis, seeking the true keys of  the operation.  

The AUDRIA team for due diligences has knowledge and experience  in many sectors and thus we help our clients understand the whole operation with an open mind showing the real potential of the operation being studied. Not only do we work with detailed historical  results, cash flows and asset quality, but we get involved in their  negotiations, agreements and developments.

"Thanks to the high level of professionalism of the team members of AUDRIA, we obtained fast and clear information of the whole operation. Thanks to their work, the rest of the negotiation became simpler."