Industry and automotive

One of the characteristic features of industry in general is its highly competitive environment, rendered even fiercer by globalisation, which forces it to constantly review its production processes to reduce costs and improve efficiency to attract investments and guarantee continued activity.

One of the major challenges facing Spanish and European industry is to undertake a digital transformation process with the goal of satisfying the needs of an increasingly demanding, technologically-driven society.

Markets are becoming more globalised, competitive and demanding, and industry must adapt and undertake digitisation processes if it is to retain competitive positions. To achieve this goal, industry must do things differently. The multiplication of connectivity, the emergence of new technologies such as cloud computing, the Internet of Things, big data or sensorization, will give industry the tools to address this challenge.

The automotive industry is a strategic industry for the Spanish economy, both for its contribution to the Spanish GDP and for the level of employment it generates. It has a high export potential, a high degree of automation and it is one of the country’s leading investors in R&D&i, as well as supporting a broad range of ancillary companies.

AUDRIA’s proven track record in the provision of services to leading OEMs, distributors and ancillary companies speaks for the firm’s auditing and consulting services in general industry, the auto industry and logistics and enable it to contribute added value in different spheres of consulting.